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The Canine Underground Railroad was created to aid in the ground transport of rescued dogs. Since 1991, this network of volunteers has given its time, effort, and treasure, all for the love of dogs.

CUR members are dedicated to the ethics of responsible rescue and to the safety of dogs and runners. We insist on rabies vaccinations required for legal interstate transport, and a rescue commitment to spay/neuter. While we are not a "secret" group, our efforts are conducted discreetly to keep a focus on safety.

Membership is by invitation only, based on personal recommendation of a current member. However, we routinely work with non-members and with other transport groups, pooling our resources to help dogs get to where they need to go.

This site is primarily for historic purposes, CUR having moved to other venues. Most files were intended for the use of CUR members, and have not been updated since early 2004. A few resources are available to the public. We hope you will find them helpful.






















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